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Company profile

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LANZ 1962, our story begins

At the beginning the company, founded by Mr. Rino Lanzetta, was specialized in surface grinding of steel products, and the manufacturing of blades was introduced in the mid ’60s.

In the ’80s thanks to his experience in steel and new technology, the production of industrial blades became the core business.

In the ’90s major investments in technology and human resources lead to enhancing the quality, and in 1997 Rino’s sons, Giorgio and Luca, took over the management of LANZ.

In the year 2000 LANZ placed the factory in a new and more functional site which meets better the new production requirements and in the following years they brought, thanks to further investments in technology, the quality to levels of excellence to be able to compete in the new globalized world.

Look to the future and take care of new needs of the market are the new challenges that LANZ wants to undertake, always for the customer satisfaction

Go to thefuture– a life for knife!

The evolution of our brand

The logo is the graphic image that identifies the company. That’s why it is developed over time by following the evolution of the company that has the task of representing. Even our logo, before reaching its current form, has undergone a series of changes.

year 1962

The logo expresses and indicates our origin – TURIN – first capital and first industrial city of Italy, and our work, our two activities: a plate to indicate the grinding work on the surface, and the rounded corners like the circular sectors to indicate the first circular blades that were manufactured.

year 1990

The logo shows our core bussiness: one cut for the production of circular blades, and a cut with our past in the name of continuity, manufacture focused only on our product and no more on behalf of a third party for grinding on the surface.

year 2000

The slogan THE KNIFE QUALITY is added. Quality, always steady over time, at the base of our name and our production.

year 2017

The trademark is completely changed, with a new and modern design to indicate new life and energy, a challenge for the future but with a solid experience, indicated by the strength of the letters and the logo, and having on the basis always and however the quality.